10th October 2015

City as a Service Day 3

[Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa]


08:00 – 09:00 [SALA DE SETA]


9:00 – 10:00 [SALA DE SETA]

During this session partners and rapporteurs will summarise the activity of the second day of Parallel Sessions and Labs. Representatives of the Constituent Groups will report on the contributions produced during the meetings.


10:00 – 13:00 [SALA DE SETA]

The Plenary Session is the main event of the day; it’s open to all participants and organized by PUSH in collaboration with its partners.
The City as a Service Plenary Sessions will focus on best practices, current urban challenges, relevant policies and solutions adopted to ensure the transition to more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities.

Disruptive innovations are changing the way we live our cities. This is so impacting that sometimes it’s necessary to redesign laws and redefine the meaning it self of public policies.



Ignazio Vinci is associate Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Palermo. As researcher and consultant he deals with urban policy, local development, strategic planning. On this topics he has published around 110 works, including books, book chapters and journal articles. He’s also member of the governing board of the European Urban Research Association.


Domenico Schillaci / PUSH

Born in Palermo in 1983, he is Master of Science in information engineering at Polytechnic University of Milan. He has worked as Temporary Research Associate at Polytechnic University of Milan. He’s co-founder and Associate Managing Director of the innovation lab PUSH and CEO of the design studio NEU / Integrated Design.


Jean Barroca / Municipality of Fundao

Jean Barroca has a degree in Engineering Sciences – Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering, from Instituto Superior Técnico of the Technical University of Lisbon. He worked in several non-profit organizations and also at Local Government level where he has developed experience and competencies in team and project management with strong emphasis on open innovation strategies, Web 2.0 dissemination strategies and creation of new services through ICT enabled applications in different domains. During the last years he has been involved in several EU funded projects under CIP ICT PSP and FP7, in the context of Smart Cities.

Jesse Marsh / Atelier Studio Associato

Jesse Marsh moved from America to Milan in the mid-‘70s to work as an industrial designer. In fifteen years of professional activity, he confronted a wide range of technologies, processes and product sector, from chairs to artificial lungs. In the late ‘80s he was drawn to information technologies. First in Milan and since 1995 in Palermo, he worked with learning technologies, teleworking and e-commerce and then in policy work on the link between the information society and sustainable development, cultural diversity and democratic participation. In recent years he worked with local authorities in Sicily, in Territorial Cooperation projects.

Ivonne Jansen-Dings / Code for Europe

Ivonne Jansen-Dings works as an Open Data project manager at Waag Society, where she is active in the field of Smart Cities. She has led numerous projects on a local, national and European level in the field of citizen participation, civic engagement and open data. Currently she is leading the Apps for Europe consortium, is the chair of Code for Europe and heading the Code for NL initiative in the Netherlands.

Francesco Molinari / Polytechnic University of Milan

Francesco Molinari graduated in Economic and Social Disciplines at Bocconi University and specialised in Public Management at the University of Siena. He is currently research associate on Frugal Government at Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, and visiting professor on Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Business School of the University of Ulster, Belfast. As a policy advisor and research manager he has worked for about 15 years with several public and private clients in Europe – including international organisations like FAO and the European Commission – the Ministries of Economic Development and Research and Education and a number of Regions in Italy.

Alessandro Pirani / CO Gruppo

Andrea Cusumano is an academic, a film director, a play-writer, a painter, and an orchestra director. He is teacher at Goldsmiths College in London and External Examiner at the American University of Athens and at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. He is artistic director at CeSDAS. From 2013 he organizes the “Goldsmiths” festival in Palermo. He has worked for over twenty years with Hermann Nitsch and he is the main director of the Orgien Mysterien Theatre Orchestra. Since September 2014 he is the Minister of Culture of the City of Palermo.

/ Q & A


Urban Thinkers Sessions are frontal or interactive sessions of two hours. They are composed by lectures of 15-30 minutes each, proposed by different speakers, on a specific topic.

Urban Labs are thematic workshops of two hours; they are more practical, concrete, experimental than Sessions. Labs will allow participants to explore new practices and innovative models, to stimulate debate and encourage the creation of new ideas.

Parallel Sessions and Labs are open to a limited number of participants (from 30 to 50) and they can all be booked via Eventbrite. Check the schedule below and get your tickets.

14:00 – 16:00



[Sala De Seta]

A panel held by major experts to discuss how a Smart Cities model can support urban development as well as citizens’ wellbeing through innovative and integrated tools.

Paola Di Rosa / AT-Factory
Eleonora Rocca / AT-Factory
Mattia Corbetta / Italian Ministry of the Economic Development
Maurizio Carta / University of Palermo
Giovanni De Caro / Tech-Hub
Flavia Marzano / Link Campus University
Fabrizio Micari / University of Palermo
Davide Faraone / Italian Ministry of Education

Organized by AT-Factory



[Bottega #4]

Following the tips provided by many European examples, this workshop focuses on the conversion of the ring-road of Palermo in a renovated, greener, smart boulevard.

Francesca Alamia / In_FRA Lab
Enrica Calabrese / In_FRA Lab
Sergio Marceca / In_FRA Lab
Simona Marchello / In_FRA Lab

Organized by In_FRA Lab

16:00 – 18:00


[Bottega #3]

Leoluca Orlando / Municipality of Palermo
Giovanna Marano / Municipality of Palermo
Adham Darawsha / Municipality of Palermo

Organized by Municipality of Palermo


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